. Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church History
Spring Hill Baptist Church was organized February 1, 1902, under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit by the late Rev. R. I. Hagins,  and the late Rev. L. L. Rainey. There were 13 members; six came by letter, and the following seven were candidates for Baptism; Bro. D. R. Hagins, Bro. George Johnson, Bro. Ellis Hills, Bro. George Sherman, Sis. Annie Allen, Sis. Sally Williams, and Sis. Charlotte Anderson. After the church was organized Rev. R. I. Hagins was called as Pastor, he accepted the call and served faithfully. His first sermon was “Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church, and the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It.” Matthew 16:18. During Pastor Hagins’ Administration He was confronted time to time with many problems, but He kept the faith and fought a good fight. In the year of 1941, he was called from labor to reward. God has truly blessed Spring Hill with eight Spirit filled Pastors. Rev. R. I. Hagins served 39 years, Rev. J. H. Handshaw served 1 year, Rev. J. R. Holts served 1 year, Rev. N. A. Rawls served 2 years, Rev. A.  E. Hagins served 22 years, Rev. Carl Faison served 5 years, Rev. Japan Holmes served 25 years. May 1977 the church began a remodeling project, to the current structure the following were added a Choir stand, Pastor Study, Deacons Room, Usher/Choir room, two rest rooms, a Baptism pool, and a porch. In 1998 the members were blessed to complete their efforts to remodel the building. In 1990 the Church paid off the mortgage, and in October 1991 the Church added a Social Hall Annex. April 1996 the Roof was repaired, central heat and air conditioners were purchased and installed.  Jan. 2000 Spring Hill lost a great leader when the Church faithful leader Rev. Japan Holmes was called from labor to reward after 25 years of service.
After prayer and seeking God’s will in June 2000 the Church called Rev. Gregory Thomas as Pastor. He accepted and began immediately to guide the church into spiritual growth and the Lord added to the church such as should be saved. Under Rev Thomas’ administration Feb. 2001 the Church purchased 3.6 acres of property adjacent to the Church with a four bedroom home. Wheel Chair Ramp was added and the restrooms were renovated to accommodate the handicap. The Church cemetery was expanded.  June 2002, the Church celebrated 100 years of Praising God. It was a great celebration. October 2005, the Pastor’s study was renovated and a restroom was installed in the Pastors’ study.  Dec. 2005 the Stained Glass windows were completed and dedicated.  Pastors and Churches came in and celebrated with us and preached on the theme of each window scene it was a spiritually rewarding worship to experience. Sunday school is held every Sunday except 5th Sunday. Mission Ministry was organized with monthly visits to Pulaski Nursing Home and Visits to the sick and shutin, with financial support provided Locally, Statewide, Nationally, and Internationally. Bible study began every Tuesday evening and 3rd Sunday Worship was reinstituted. Spring Hill is still on the move and we believe with God as our guide we are going to make it to our Heavenly home that Jesus has prepared for us.

Deceased Deacons; 
Dea. Austin Curtis, Dea. D. R. Hagins,  Dea. Daniel Love, Dea. Josh Smith, Dea. Love Parrish, 
Dea. Silas Goings, Dea. Sam Fulton, Dea. Son Smith, Dea. J. H. Drummond Dea. Son Mincey, 
Dea. L. N. Jackson, Dea. Homer Mikell Dea. J. B. Fulton, Dea. Nelson Houston, Dea. O. C. Smith 
Dea. Holley Smally, Dea. O. C. Lee, Dea. Walter Dickerson, and Dea. Lonnie Brown

Past Secretaries;
Rev. F. C. Fredrick, Dea. J. H. Drummond, 
Dea. Sam Fulton, Sis. Minnie Lee Frink, 
and Sis. Dorothy Simmons

Past Church Mothers;
Sis. Maggie Smith, Sis. Viola Scott, Sis. Irene Fulton, Sis. Sadie Fulton, Sis. Lillie Jones, 
and Sis. Ethel Mae Lee

Current Administration

Izell Lee, Chairman of Deacons Ministry 
Gus Allen, Deacon
Willie B. Bower, Deacon
Lee Harvey Frink, Deacon
Jerome Mathis, Daecon
Leroy Mathis, Deacon
Henry Walker, Deacon

Sis. Queen E. Mincey, Church Mother

Sis. Wauweese Frink, Mission President

Deaconess Johnnie P. Lee,  Usher Board President

Sis. Veronica Mathis Youth Director
Sis. Lynn Atkinson, Youth Advisor

Sis. Lutrelle Rawls, Choir President
Deacon Henry Walker, Choir Vice President

Finance Committee
Deacon Gus Allen, Chairman 
Sis. Lynn Atkinson
Sis. Dianne Davis
Sis. Mildred Allen 

Bldg Fund Committee
Dea. Henry Walker, Chairperson 
Sis Mildred Allen 
Dea. Lee Harvey Frink 

Cemetary Administrative Committee
Deacon Lee Harvey Frink

Rental Property Committee
Deacon Henry Walker
Deacon Jerome Mathis
Deacon Lee Harvey Frink

Deaconess Mary F. Atkinson Church Secretary
Sister Lutrelle Rawls Correspondence Secretary
Sister Lynn Atkinson, Administrative Assistant

Rev. Gregory Thomas, Pastor